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No Grocery Store, Day 263 September 21, 2010

After my walk, I was uninspired for breakfast.  This is a bad habit, and I really need to change it, so I’m going to try.  Lunch was a very tasty favorite – the Twisted Cobb Salad at Jack Allen’s with mom.  I had dinner at East Side Show Room with my friends Kristi and Donaji, for Austin Restaurant Week.  I didn’t take a camera, but Kristi did and will likely post her thoughts with pictures in the next few days.  We had the same entree and dessert.

Lots of restaurants participate in Austin Restaurant Week, and offer a 3 course menu, from which you can choose one of several items for each course, usually for $25 to $35, which is substantially less than their regular menu.  I like to try a restaurant I’ve never eaten at during Restaurant Week, but the 3 course meal usually includes a dessert, and I’m not a big dessert fan, so I don’t normally try more than one.

East Side Show Room is doing an all locally sourced menu, so this was the obvious choice for me, and I’d never been

The First Courses offered were Okra & Lemon Tempura, with Jalapeno and Cumin; Shallot & Pear Salad of Bibb Lettuce, Feta Vinaigrette, and Pecan; or Lamb Rillettes, with Tomato, Arugula and Mustard.  I have been really missing Bella Verdi Lettuce, since they are no longer at the farmer’s markets, so I ordered the salad and it was delicious.  The lettuce was so tender and sweet, and the light dressing was perfect.

Second Course choices were Axis Deer & House Cured Bacon, with Bourbon, BBQ and Curried Grits; Chicken Fried Rabbit with Cayenne, Basil, and Frites, or Elephant Garlic Potage & Farm Egg, with Arugula, Tarragon and Brioche.  I opted for the Rabbit.  Oh my, after a long wait for this dish, when it did come it was amazing.  Crispy crust yet juicy and tender inside, and it was dressed with a fine basil puree.

Third Course choices were Kefir Pear Tartlette with Housemade Ice Cream, Lavender, and Brown Sugar; or Cheese Plate, with Honey, Pepper Jelly and Pecans.  The 3 cheeses were from Brazos Valley and Pola.  The Brazos Valley Cheddar was good, but isn’t my favorite cheese.  I didn’t really care for either of the Pola offerings.

Great dinner and I like East Side Show Room.  I didn’t want to, but I did and I would go back.

I’ll be eating light for the rest of the week, in anticipation for a big food event on Saturday. for participating restaurants and their menus


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