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No Grocery Store, Day 257 – Virgo Pizza Party! September 14, 2010

Genius, Superstar and Sister Virgo Jodi conceived of a Virgo Food Lover’s party, which evolved into a Bola Pizza Party at the lovely home of Christian and Jamie. Virgos are special, you see.  Maybe more special than any of the other birth signs.  Once the stars align just right, special things happen.  And we were all together to celebrate our special fabulousness.  Plus 1’s were invited, but I fear they felt inferior to our Virgo specialness.  Our bad.

While the pizza was being prepared, we dined on Burrata, and CKC Chevre from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop with Confituras tomato jam.  Yum.

Burrata, CKC Chevre and Confituras Tomato Jam

Then Christian started firing pizzas in the oven he had pre-heated the night before to 1000 degrees!  Crazy.

Pizza in the hot oven

The same pizza, about 7 minutes later:

First pizza out, wow!

The reason this pizza has ruined me for all other pizza, is that the crust is really flavorful, fermented for 3 days, and the gluten is allowed to really develop; the ingredients are the highest quality, local ingredients; and the thoughtful combination of flavors are beyond great.  This isn’t cardboard crust, loaded with generic tomato sauce and loads of cheese and fake meat pepperoni.  This is good food.

Uhm. Yep, that's a rockin pizza

The new Mushroom Pizza

Jodi brought a peanut butter and chocolate cake from Suger Mama’s Bakeshop, that simply said Happy Birthday Virgos.  We sang Happy Birthday to ourselves, congratulated each other on our individual and collective wonderfulness, and ate more.  It rocked.

Virgo Cake

Then Christian made one more pizza:  The new mushroom pizza.  It was perfect:

Gorgeous Mushroom Pizza

Speaking of rocking, uber Virgo Christian, had compiled a playlist of all Virgo artists.  No, I’m not making that up.  It turns out, some of the coolest artists are Virgos: Michael Jackson, Pink, Gloria Estefan, Otis Redding, Beck, Elvis Costello, Amy Wino, and many more.  The dude from KISS.  Anyway, it was a super fun evening, hanging out with like signed folks.  Two common bonds, love of great food, and Virgo.  We rock!


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 257 – Virgo Pizza Party!”

  1. Jodi Says:

    What a fun Virgo bday celebration that was! I’m so glad you and I brain-childed it! xo

  2. That was really fun Jodi! I’ve got lots of folks jumping on the “Birthday Month” bandwagon. I’m thinking mine should really extend until October 11, meaning, I just started 10 days early! Have a great trip!

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