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No Grocery Store, Day 252 September 10, 2010

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I missed breakfast.  For lunch, I went to Cafe Josie with the intention of ordering my new favorite salmon salad.  But I didn’t.  I ordered my old favorite Pepita Redfish.  It was extremely good, and just as I remembered.  I wasn’t very hungry for dinner, and with no exercise and lots of food things coming up, I opted for scrambled Vital Farms eggs for dinner.

What about all the leftover chili?  It is in the freezer, keeping along side two quarts of Dai Due gumbo, and several Kocurek rabbit pies, the pesto I’ve been making all summer, the tomato sauces, and other cold weather treats.  Now if it would ever get cooler, I could break all that hot comforting food out.


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