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Gardens Loved the Rain! September 9, 2010

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What a difference 8 inches makes!  Rain, you gutter rats.  I got just under 8 inches of rain this week and it has fueled a positive growth spurt in my seedlings.

The Royal Burgundy beans I planted on Monday are 4 inches tall, at least!

Royal Burgundy Beans

The lemon cucumber/butternut squash has had a big growth spurt as well.  Wish I knew which one it was.

mystery squash or cucumber

The newly planted corn is up.   Not all of the seeds I planted have come up and no sign of the green beans I planted with it just yet.

Third round of corn

The Meyer Lemons are getting big, but no sign of turning yellow yet.  This one is a monster.

Monster lemon

I’d also like to welcome the newest addition to my patio garden – a Kaffir Lime.  Looking forward to using this in some Thai food in the future.  Breed and Company on 29th had a flat of these, so I snagged one.

Kaffir Lime

Now for the garden failures.  I believe both sets of potatoes I planted just became compost.  Fall potatoes were an experiment, and I think the soil was too warm.


2 Responses to “Gardens Loved the Rain!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    I think your mystery plant is a cucumber…my corn has officially failed miserably. Tomorrow it’s clean the garden and plant the new seeds day! I am excitedly planning the beds in my head today. Yay rain!

  2. I think it is a cucumber too, but wishing it would be a butternut squash. What are you planting tomorrow?

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