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No Grocery Store, Day 251 September 8, 2010

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Another odd day in the No Grocery Store House.  Waking up to the news that we’d had 15 inches made me feel as if I’d really been through something.  ! Right, OMG!  But I slept through the whole thing, and missed it completely.  I can’t sleep through total silence, but a raging thunderstorm, and I’m in a coma.  Go figure.

No breakfast.  Black bean soup for lunch.  Actually, the same batch of black beans I made the other day, just re-purposed into soup by pureeing the whole lot.

I had a pound of ground goat from Premium Lamb, in my freezer, as well as a pound of ground pork from Richardson Farms.  I thawed them to make goat/pork burgers with on Monday, and didn’t.  So, I needed to get them cooking today.

First, I sweated some onions and garlic as I chopped and added peppers.

Onions, garlic, peppers

I tossed that mixture into the slow cooker with a jar of Larry’s Fire Roasted Tomatoes, from Boggy Creek Farm.

Larry's Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Then, I cooked the goat and pork in a pan, adding the seasonings as I went.  I prefer to season the meat, than the sauce.  I used the Penzy’s spices I ordered months ago.  They make a Chili blend, Adobo powder,  Cayenne Pepper, Cumin and salt and pepper.  Tasted fine at this point.

Chili spices - Penzy's

Next up, I chopped up several farmer’s market tomatoes and added them to the mix.  I covered it, set it on low, and let it simmer for 4 hours.  I ran errands, did all kinds of stuff away from the house, and magically, when I returned the house smelled great and the wonderful food is ready.   Dinner is served, topped with some Full Quiver cheddar.

Dinner in a bowl


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