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No Grocery Store – Day 248 – Black Beans! September 6, 2010

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I’ve had lots of help along the way with this self imposed No Grocery Store challenge.  My friend Kristi visits farmer’s markets on her travels, and always brings me some local goodies from them.  Most recently, she visited Boulder and brought me some black beans, pinto beans, and Israeli Cous Cous.   I have missed beans, which were really the only canned item I ate before shopping only at farmer’s markets.  Beans, and the occasional canned tuna.  Progresso black beans, heated in a flour tortilla were my “fast food” for years.   I tried to grow my own black beans, but had no luck.

So, I missed breakfast.  For lunch, I had 2 Thunderheart Bison tacos from Taco Deli.  I also scored 16 ounces of the cherished dona crack salsa, which is twice the volume I can buy it at the farmer’s market.  My heart is full.

I had soaked a portion of my new black beans overnight and part of the day.  Around 4:00, I rinsed them well, put them on to simmer with chopped onions, chopped Salt and Time pickled jalapenos and the garlic that was with them, and the juice from the peppers, as well as some Dai Due tasso ham, and a couple of bay leaves.  I let the beans simmer for 2 hours until tender and had them with Lowell Farms Rice and some dona crack salsa for dinner.  Sometimes the most simple dinners are the best.  It was perfect.


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