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No Grocery Store, Day 247 – Local Cornmeal! September 5, 2010

Not going to the grocery store literally gets easier every week.  I want for nothing but lettuce and avocados right now.

Breakfast on this football Saturday, I had a bean, potato and cheese taco from Taco Deli at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown.

I went to the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market first, to support me friend Stephanie on her second week of selling her Confituras line of preserves.  I’m now hoarding her specialty, small batch, seasonal preserves, for myself and for Christmas baskets.  Since her wares are seasonal, some of the jams I have, won’t be available in another week or month.  So, that’s my hoarding rationale.

Richardson Farms is at the Barton Creek market.  A few weeks ago they added local popcorn to their list of for sale items, and I stocked up on it.  Yesterday they had locally grown cornmeal!  The first thing I did when I got home from the markets and errands, was make cornbread.

Richardson Farms Red Cornmeal

Local Cornbread


This cornmeal is from red corn, so it isn’t the yellow cornmeal you typically see.  It is coarsely ground as well. I used the Cowgirl Cuisine recipe for Cornbread with Scallions.  For the white flour component, I used the flour procured for me by Vance Ely, which is from Waco.  It too is coarser than bread flour, or other typical white flour you would get from the store.  I could tell when mixing, that the consistency was too thick, so I added more skim milk, until it seemed to be the appropriate consistency.  Instead of scallions, I used Salt and Time’s pickled jalapenos and I also grated in some Full Quiver Pepper Jack.  The end result could have been lighter, and I’ll have to work that out, but it was darn good.  And all local!

So, instead of lunch or dinner, with my gaggle of gal friends over for the UT game, we had a local cheese and charcuterie plate, cornbread and for the second half of the game, Tortilla chips from the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market and Austin Slow Burn Green Chile Queso, which I picked up at Whip In.  I was invited to visit the kitchen of Austin Slow Burn, recently, but I haven’t made it there just yet.  This is a must for football season, because I haven’t figured out what local cheese I can use to make chile con queso yet.


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