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No Grocery Store, Day 245 September 3, 2010

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For breakfast, I had 1 slice of Kocurek bacon, and a scrambled egg, doused with Taco Deli dona sauce from the farmer’s market. Nothing beats starting off the day with mind numbing heat, no?
For lunch, I made egg salad with local eggs, and house made pickles.
I was invited to attend an event at The Belmont, to introduce their new chef who has changed up the menu to use more locally sourced food. There were drinks (mine was cucumber something) and passed around appetizers, which were all good. I have always enjoyed The Belmont- the decor feels like Frank Sinatra might be in the next room. The swanky decor, the palm trees and the big band music. I’m looking forward to having a locally sourced meal there soon. We were sitting outside enjoying the lightening show to the West and watching it move closer. It began to rain and we stayed outside as everyone else went in to take cover. We decided to leave when it really started coming down, and found ourselves driving in a gully washer, so we ducked into Cafe Josie to ride out the weather. It was wonderful sitting in the side of the restaurant with a metal roof and listening to the rain. We split the special, grilled tuna and the meatloaf.


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