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No Grocery Store Day 244, Birthday Month! September 2, 2010

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Several good friends and I share September birthdays.   So we have decided to do something celebratory every day of the month, without breaking the bank.   There are some amazing things planned already, but the rest will be slightly spontaneous.  Stay tuned for the potential craziness to come!

After a 3 mile walk, for breakfast, I had one slice of Salt and Time double pecan bacon.

Lunch, mom and I started the month off right and went to Cafe Josie.  I had the mesquite grilled salmon salad, my current favorite.  Then mom treated me to a pedicure. 

For afternoon Virgo happy hour, Christian and Jamie came over, with my favorite puppy Leo, in tow, and we broke open a bottle of my favorite wine Carina Clairvoyant and toasted the start of birthday month.  Great start!

For dinner, I had leftover grilled Smith and Smith Farms chicken and a salad.

And, as a gift to myself, I cut up all of the credit cards that jacked up my interest rate in the last week, before the new Credit Card laws took effect.    I don’t wish to deal with shady companies.


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