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Farm Fresh Eggs – Egg Salad September 2, 2010

Now that the citizens of the United States are all checking their egg containers, for the date, source, sku and returning suspect ones to the grocery store, the local Austin farmer’s are seeing an upswing in their local egg customers.  And this is a good thing.  But, for those unfamiliar with fresh eggs (the recalled eggs were from April and were still in stores), there is something many are undoubtedly finding out.  If you boil a super fresh egg, it will be very difficult to peel.  I buy eggs at the farmer’s market every week, and keep some segregated for boiling.  Just a week or two in the fridge and they are easy to peel.  One tip, is to start at the fat end of the egg where the air pocket is, and once the eggs are completely cooled, peel from that end under running water.

About a month ago my friend and I made some pickles.  I’d been thinking about making egg salad with them ever since.  They were stored at my friend’s house, and I finally got my hands on some.  They are to die for.  So I got busy making egg salad.

MMM pickles

While the eggs were boiling, I chopped 2 slices of Kocurek bacon, some of these amazing pickles, a Salt and Time pickled jalapeno, and since I didn’t want the strong flavor of onions, I chopped some garlic chives from the garden.

Bacon for egg salad

Please do not over boil your eggs.  This ruins them beyond repair.  Once a boiled egg has been cooked too long, and formed the green rim around the yolk, it is no longer the miracle creation it was meant to be.  And a green egg yolk tastes like crap.  And makes chickens sad.

Well cooked egg

If I weren’t making egg salad from these, I would have cooked them a tad less, but that’s just how I like them.

So in the end, eggs, homemade pickles, 1 pickled jalapeno, garlic chives, bacon, salt, pepper, moistened with pickle juice, jalapeno juice, and a little mayo.

MMM Egg Salad

Where to get local eggs in Austin:

Smith and Smith Farms – SFC Farmer’s Market downtown, Triangle, Sunset Valley, and Barton Creek Farmer’s Market

Vital Farms – Barton Creek Farmer’s Market, and SFC Farmer’s Market Sunset Valley

Richardson Farms – SFC Farmer’s Market at the Triangle, Barton Creek Farmer’s Market, SFC Farmer’s Market Sunset Valley

Boggy Creek Farms, at the farmstand and you can meet the chickens!

There are more vendors and more farmer’s markets, I’m just giving those I know first hand.

And one more thing about those recalled eggs.  What do you think happens to them once they are recalled?  I don’t know.  I heard recently from some in the food industry, that the recalled eggs are pasteurized and put back out on the open market, since pasteurization would kill the salmonella.  I don’t know if this is true.  But, uhm. Gross.


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