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No Grocery Store, Day 242 August 31, 2010

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Boring food day, but I’m trying to eat at home more before September birthday madness takes off in full swing.  So, I prepared some pre-made egg cup things, in muffin tins for breakfast this week.  Each has one scrambled egg, a bit of Salt and Time bacon, chopped jalapenos, and some grated Full Quiver pepper jack.  I baked these in the oven, and stored them in a baggie for quick protein.  So, breakfast, an egg muffin thing.  I took mom to lunch at Chuys (I know) hoping they were roasting Hatch Chiles outside, so I could take advantage of the Chile month without cheating and going to the store.  They weren’t.  I had the mexi-cob salad.  For dinner, leftover Dai Due sausages and peppers and onions.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 242”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Those egg cups sound perfect – low carb and proteinous. I need to try that!

  2. They are better with sausage and olives, but work well in a hurry.

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