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Earthbox Beats the Heat August 27, 2010

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I’ve been chronicling my Earthbox adventures since Spring, when I gave myself one (OK, two).   I figured if we were going to sell them, I should be able to talk about them from experience.  The Spring tomatoes in my Earthbox were the most productive, of all the tomatoes I planted, and the least afflicted with pests, although I’m not sure the Earthbox gets credit for that.  They turned into a wild tomato jungle, just two plants in one little box.  I attributed the difference to the fact that the Earthbox holds water in a reservoir, that the plants can seek out as needed.

Now, I’m doing the same experiment with Fall tomatoes which I planted a few weeks ago.  Not surprisingly, the tomatoes planted in the Earthbox look better than those in the raised bed.

Tomatoes in an Earthbox

Tomatoes in the raised bed

The most interesting thing about this is that the tomatoes in the raised bed almost didn’t make it at all, during those triple digit days, and had to be covered.  They are spindly and just don’t look good.  The tomato plants in the Earthbox never even needed to be covered, they just soldiered through the triple digits, sucking up water from the reservoir, I guess and are greener and much heartier.  I wish I’d invented it, I think they are amazing.


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