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Three Sisters Garden Update – Corn! August 22, 2010

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In this oppressive heat, I’ve pulled up plants that didn’t yield much food, because it wasn’t cost effective to continue dumping gallons of water on them.  I’ve been focusing lots of my attention and water on the Three Sisters Garden, which I planted as an experiment to test the legendary practice.  So far, the corn has done great, although it curls up in the heat of the day, which makes me cringe.  The other two sisters, pumpkins and beans, are not faring so well.  Every morning when I water the garden, I look for signs of corn silks, which is the first sign of corn cobs forming.

Three Sisters Garden

Corn silks

And today, there were several!

More corn silks

They are small now, but I’ll be watching like a doting mother for more to appear, and as the ears grow.  I’ll treat the silks with mineral oil to keep the worms out, and with any luck and lots of love, there will soon be corn!


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