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No Grocery Store, Day 232 and 233 August 22, 2010

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Friday, I had a Bat Creek Farm apple for breakfast then met a group of Yelpers, led my my sweet friend Michelle for a celebratory lunch at La Boite.  I had never been and had been wanting to go since it opened.  The shipping container is way beyond cool.  I see their locally sourced sandwich menu every day on Twitter, and everyone swoons for their macaroons.  I had a roast beef and roasted red pepper sandwich which was great, but skipped the sweets.

For dinner, the folks and I went to Corazon and I had a salad and redfish.  For dessert, when I got home I picked a watermelon and had a slice.

Day 233, was a busy day.  I had a Thunderheart bison taco from Taco Deli at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown, and picked up a tub of the crack Dona green sauce as well.  I’m still trying to eat my way through my freezer, so I just bought coffee at that market, then headed to Barton Creek for milk and Vital Farms Eggs.  I’m trying new milk, from Texas Daily Harvest.  So far, its great.  I got some more of those amazing Tortilla chips and corn tortillas from the vendor I still don’t know the name of.  Best chips ever, and I’m a die hard El Milagro fan.  So no lunch, but I did have some of those chips with Larry’s Smoked Tomato Salsa from Boggy Creek Farm for an afternoon snack.  After running around all day, I stayed in for dinner.  I was inspired by watching Anthony Bourdain’s show on Rome, to make pasta carbonara.  I used some of the bacon made by a friend, some Texas Pasta Co. pasta, Vital Farms eggs, and Brazos Valley Parmesan.  It was not very good.  Perhaps I’ll look at a recipe and see what I did wrong.


3 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 232 and 233”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Thank you so much for coming out to the La Boite gathering! I can’t believe you had the will power to resist that giant plate of macarons. You are amazing (and not just for that reason)!

    What didn’t you like about your carbonara? I find it hard to believe that any carbonara could be bad…although it would be exceedingly difficult to stack up to that insane deliciousness at La Traviata. I like my own carbonara all right, but it is nowhere NEARLY as good as La Traviata’s.

  2. Of course! I was happy to come and I had not been there before and felt negligent, so I’m happy to have that experience. It was fun!
    I’m afraid any carbonara will always be compared to La Traviata. Mine seemed flat, and sorely lacking in depth of flavor. The local parmesan I use is nowhere nearly as flavorful as the good Italian stuff, and I used bacon, not having any local pancetta. (Salt and Time has it, I just didn’t have any.) And, the lowest low on my Wolf range is still pretty hot, so the eggs scrambled a bit. Just not great. I am so looking forward to Fall and all the good hot food and cooking that cooler weather inspires! Have a great week Ms. fabulous M!

  3. Optimista Says:

    You have a great week too, my dear! I am counting the days until it gets cooler and we can trundle out for some La Traviata yumminess.

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