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No Grocery Store, Day 231 August 20, 2010

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Still not feeling well, dangit.  I never get sick, so I’m a baby about it.  Managed to eat no breakfast once again, despite having a fridge full of Bat Creek Farm apples.  For lunch, mom and I went to Roaring Fork, ostensibly for green chile stew, which I’ve been craving with all the tweets and blogs about Central Market and Whole Foods filling up with Hatch Chiles.  But, I was instead intrigued by the Fried Green Tomato BLT and ordered that.  Too bad, it was the worst thing I’ve ever had a Roaring Fork.  This was not meant to be a good food day, I was finding out.

Next, the Slow Food Happy Hour at Texas French Bread.  Texas French Bread is now sourcing locally, and serving sit down dinner.  I met some friends there, and we ordered a couple of plates to share.  The Meze Plate, and a Proscuitto and Melon plate.  The Meze Plate had a couple of lamb meatballs, some Tatziki, and assorted vegetables.  It was $17.  I am willing to pay more for locally sourced food, but I would not order this again at that price.

We were hungry, after having literally 2 bites of food, and headed down the street to FINO.  I had a mixed green salad, and we split the roasted peppers and Pork Belly with poached egg.  The meal at FINO was the perfect end to the day.

Perhaps when this heat subsides, I’ll feel like cooking again.  I can’t bear to turn my oven on, or fire up the grill or smoker, its just too hot.


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