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Late August Harvest, Austin Urban Garden August 20, 2010

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It is actually like Hades out in the gardens, and I’m glad anything is still alive.  I’m harvesting and eating very few foods from the gardens now, and per my previous post, not planning to keep some of the less productive plants going.  This makes me sad, but I also hate my water bill and am a little scared about the next one.  So, today’s harvest:

Late August Harvest, limes, serranos and a watermelon

How random, I know!    I was afraid the watermelon wasn’t ready to be picked, but my instinct was good.  The bottom was softening and it was perfect!

Perfect Watermelon!

I have now successfully grown two watermelons.  Who would have thunk it?  I’m a bit of a watermelon farmer.

The rest of the garden is just hanging in.  I’ll pull up the low yield crops, per my earlier post, tomorrow.  Thank goodness for farmer’s markets or I’d be struggling for the next month, since my garden isn’t providing much food.


2 Responses to “Late August Harvest, Austin Urban Garden”

  1. A fine looking watermelon! My garden output is pretty slow right now too. Just a few peppers, okra, buggy sungold tomatoes, and slightly bitter chard. I’ve been stingy with water the last couple of weeks and boy does it show!

    • Thanks Renee! I hate pulling healthy plants up, but it doesn’t make sense to use so much water. I’m not going to plant anything else until it gets a bit cooler, because of the heat and water, but it just isn’t fun to garden right now.

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