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Heatwave and Hard Garden Decisions August 20, 2010

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I’ve been contemplating this post for a few days, and finally, just today, the forecast calls for lower than 100 degrees days late next week.  I don’t think this will affect my decision to pull some plants up, rather than continuing to try to keep them alive by watering every day.  It’s a decision based on, how much money do I really want to spend, for a nominal yield.? I’ve been dumping gallons of water on food crops that will not return my investment.  And, in this heat, I’m not enjoying it much at all.

Therefore, I’m pulling up the Purple Hull Peas.  They are healthy, but don’t produce much volume at all.  I can buy a pound at the Farmer’s Market for less than the water they require.  Same with the Watermelon.  I have one watermelon on the ground now, but it’s time to harvest it and then I’ll pull those plants up.  Two plants in a 5×5 bed, yielding a total of 2 watermelons historically, don’t justify the water they require.

I will continue to water the 3 Sisters Garden, because the corn is putting on tassles and hopefully will still yield a hearty batch of corn.  The tomatoes are hanging in and the peppers are rocking my socks off, so I will continue to water those.

I have no idea what’s up with the potatoes.  No sign of plants sprouting and I’m not totally surprised, but I am curious, so I’ll likely dig one up this weekend.

It feels wasteful to dig up healthy plants, but the reality of what it costs to keep them healthy in this heatwave, is a big factor, so I will do it grudgingly.  Once the weather cools off a bit, there will be much more to plant for Fall Winter, and many more enjoyable days in the garden.


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