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No Grocery Store, Days 224 – 227 August 16, 2010

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Yikes, I’ve gotten way behind in my updates.  It has been a crazy few days, but lets see if I can remember what I ate.

Day 224, no breakfast.  I took mom out for lunch at Takoba, and we each had the pork carnitas tacos.   I had leftover bacon for dinner, because I wasn’t really hungry after a big lunch.

Day 225, I met some friends for an impromptu lunch at Cafe Josie.  I had the salmon salad, because that’s what I do.  So good.  Dinner with the parental units at Flemings, I had the petite filet and asparagus.

Day 226, I met a friend at the Downtown Farmer’s market, and I had a bison taco and a migas taco from Taco Deli at the market.  I didn’t have lunch, because I was not hungry.   Oddly, for dinner I had a breakfast taco at home, with my new found tortillas from the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market.   Corn and flour, and tortilla chips as well.  Score!

Day 227, yesterday was a food blogger potluck baby shower at my house.  There was food everywhere, as well as the fabulous new Bola Pizza, mobile wood fired pizza oven.  I had a few slices of pizza throughout the day, as well as untold bites of numerous things, then we ordered in Mexican food for dinner.


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