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Lemon Cucumbers for Days August 6, 2010

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This heat is hard on the cucumber plants.  I’m struggling to keep them watered enough, and the soil has compacted and isn’t holding water as well as it should.  They are heat stressed and so dramatic about everything, they look like they are dying all the time.   I’ll let them keep producing as long as they do.  They’ve been very productive,  so far:

Picked these lemon cucumbers yesterday

What I’ve noticed about this particular variety of cucumber is that they get wrinkled and soft very soon after picking.  Knowing that I could use them all, I picked them and started processing them immediately.  I made pickles, using a brine of half water, half vinegar, 3 tablespoons kosher salt, pickling spices and Dill from Springfield Farms.  I also put some garlic in the jars for additional flavor.

Lemon Cucumber Pickles

I turned some sideways to show that they are lemon cucumber pickles, not preserved lemons, which they resemble.  I should probably label them, but I probably won’t because I’m bad about such things.

I didn’t have enough for a third jar, so one of them became part of my dinner.  I sliced it, salted it, and ate it with yogurt and dill dip.  My friend Jamie makes the very best yogurt with Way Back When milk.

Cucumber with Yogurt and Dill dip


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