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No Grocery Store, Day 216 – Time for a Change August 5, 2010

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Things have gotten way out of hand.  In the last oh, 10 days or so, I’ve been to three, yikes no FOUR 5-6 course dinners.  All fabulous mind you, and 3 of them were all locally sourced, sustainable good food.  But, its time for a break to step back to the reality of normal eating.  That didn’t happen yesterday.  I skipped breakfast, then being ruled by the forces of food evil and no common sense at all, took mom to Curra’s for lunch.  We had chile con queso and split the tacos carnitas.  I drove home, stuffed again, head hung in shame and took a nap.

I intended to skip dinner, but got hungry late and scrambled 2 Boggy Creek Farms eggs.  I must say, the eggs were delicious.

Eating out is only half of my problem.  I seem to be a serial Farmer’s Market Shopper.  When I get the Kocurek Family email and the Dai Due email every week, I salivate of the offerings and start making a list of what I want, just in case they never have that item again.  Their menus change, and I don’t want to be deprived of duck bacon, tasso ham, or whatever my whim of the week.

My indoor and outdoor freezers are packed solid and there is no room for any more.  (some of it fruit and juice, pesto and tomato sauce that I made for winter, but lots of it is bacon, steaks, sausages etc.)

So, the new plan is:

1)  Diet!  I need to get back to a sensible way of eating.

2)  Plan ahead.  This one is hard, because when I get the text message saying “We are making pizza, come over!”, there is no second thought.  “I’m on my way!”

3)  Eat what I have, before buying more.  This one will be hard too, because I have somewhat of a hoarding mentality still, since I can’t just run to the store to pick up chicken tenders and lettuce for a skinny salad.

I’m not saying I won’t eat out at all, we still do family dinners on Friday and I have to get my mom who doesn’t drive out of the house, several days a week, but I’m planning to choose better from now on.


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