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Planting the Potatoes for Fall and Winter August 3, 2010

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This is the first time I’ve planted potatoes at this time of year, so as with all of my gardening, this will be an experiment.  My potato Grow Bag experiment was not very successful, so I’m returning to what I know, the raised bed.  I decided to plant potatoes in the 4x8x12 bed in the back, that is currently overrun by lemon cucumbers.  It took me several hours to untangle the cucumbers from the tomatoes and peppers they had overtaken and wrapped their tendrils around.  But I managed to clear a 4×5 foot space in the back of the bed.

Cleared spot for potatoes

I turned the soil, added two wheelbarrow loads of Hill Country Garden Soil and amended it with Ladybug fertilizer and turned that in.  I dug out furrows and placed the potatoes where I wanted them to be.  I planted fingerlings from Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Kennebecs and Red LaSodas.

3 Varieties of Potatoes

Rows of Potatoes

I planted the whole potatoes about 6 inches deep.  Once the plants emerge and grow to about 6 inches in height, I’ll add more soil to mound up around them for maximum yield.  I did not do this in the grow bags like I was supposed to, and that was why my yield was so dismal.

Potatoes take between 75 to 140 days to mature, so I’ll hope for potatoes by late October to late November.  An any event, if all goes well, I’ll have home grown potatoes by Thanksgiving.


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