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No Grocery Store, Day 212, Short Ribs and My first Watermelon! August 1, 2010

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For breakfast, Dai Due breakfast sausage, Smith and Smith Farm eggs, my garden peppers and a tomato, all scrambled together.  This was a hearty Saturday breakfast, so I wasn’t hungry for lunch.  I had a late day garden install too, in the heat, and didn’t want to be full.  Before I headed South for the job, I seared off some Richardson Farms short ribs with onions and garlic.

Searing beef shortribs

Once seared, I seasoned again with salt and pepper, and tossed in some garden thyme and a garden bay leaf.  It rocks having all the herbs you need right on the patio.

Growing Herbs on the Patio

Thyme and Bay Leaf

I put about a cup of water, and over half a bottle of red wine in the dish, and stuck it in the oven on 290, as I was going to be gone for a couple of hours.  When I got home, the house smelled great and they were done.  I turned the oven off because it wasn’t dinner time.  The result was fall off the bone beef shortribs, that were flavored with wine and herbs.   I ate this with Lowell Farms rice and some sauteed  Malabar Spinach from the garden.  Pre-dinner snack, was a couple pieces of my first garden watermelon ever.

My first watermelon


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