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New Favorite Kitchen Gadget, Induction Cooktop August 1, 2010

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When I re-did my kitchen a few years ago,  I couldn’t afford the 6 burner range I wanted, so I only have 4 burners.  This new discovery, increases that to 5 burners.  When my friend Christian a better cook than I, told me about this Burton Induction Cooktop 6000 he had ordered, I had to have one.  It is small, portable, electric, energy efficient, and heats up super fast.  Not having read the instructions, I found that out the hard way.  This could be used anywhere there is an electrical outlet, even outside.   I’m excited because it will make cooking for holidays and parties so much easier.  You must use cast iron, sheet enameled steel, or magnetic stainless steel skillet or pan.  The unit itself doesn’t heat up, just the pan.  The most attractive aspect of this cooktop, is that it cost about $60.00 on Amazon dot com.

Cooking Nowhere Near the Stove


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