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Three Sisters Garden – Update July 31, 2010

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The Three Sisters Garden is coming along. Not all of the beans came up, but those that did are starting to wrap their way around the cornstalks.  The pumpkins are up as well.  The corn looks amazing, much better than my previous corn, probably because there is so much more of it, and all the seeds were planted at the same time.  I think its absolutely gorgeous!  My picture could be better- I was outside with wet hair, in my robe, taking pictures, and a bunch of runners came by, so I snapped the photo and skeedaddled.

Three Sisters Garden


2 Responses to “Three Sisters Garden – Update”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Hahah! Photographers on the edge. I’ve been seen doing similar stupid things with cameras and less-than-appropriate clothing more than a few times.

    That corn looks amazing!

  2. I figure, its my yard so why not, but I do live on a pretty busy street. Oh well! Thanks for the corn compliment, it looks much better than the last crop.

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