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Drying Herbs, Peppers, and Spicing it Up July 27, 2010

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For the first more than half a year of not buying grocery store food, I relied on the salt and pepper I had on hand on Day 1 of this challenge.  I also have an extensive herb patio garden, with basil, parsley, thyme, garlic chives, oregano, tarragon, mint, and I grew my own garlic.  I had some cumin in the pantry which I used the day I made axis deer chili and also borrowed some chili powder from a friend.

Recently, Springfield Farms started selling their own dried spices, and I bought some dill.  I also dried some oregano, and thyme by hanging it upside down in a paper bag for a few weeks.  I will do this with more herbs as winter approaches and I retire the patio herb garden.

Most of the basil goes to tomato sauce that will be frozen for the winter, and into lots and lots of pesto which I will fill the freezer with.

Recent cravings for more spice to my cooking, led me to branch out and order several things from  I have saffron, garam masala, two kinds of chili powder, smoked paprika, and adobo seasoning coming.   Until I can find a large enough field to grow thousands of crocus flowers to make my own saffron, I don’t think this indulgence is a problem, although I don’t know the origin of these spices.  I’m giving myself a break in this regard.  They just came, and they included some lemon pepper as a gift.  Yay for spicing things up!

Spices from Penzy's

On an interesting side note, I think I accidentally dried peppers.  I’d love to claim a culinary triumph, but in all honesty, I piled some garden peppers in a bowl, stuck them in the window, and neglected them for a couple of weeks.

The end result, looks pretty much like dried peppers!  I’m going to let them get hard, then grind them up, and hopefully have my own, garden, chili spice.

Accidentally Dried Peppers


2 Responses to “Drying Herbs, Peppers, and Spicing it Up”

  1. I love the accidental dried peppers! We’ve been known to do that on occasion, too.

    We’ve found a terrific spice store here in Ann Arbor (I’d love one of these in Austin!) called the Spice Merchants – They have all sorts of interesting blends and nice tea, too. Let us know if you need anything!

  2. Thanks Rachel, I think I’m good for now. I’m living vicariously through you guys in all of your fun travels!

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