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No Grocery Store, Day 206 July 26, 2010

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Another eat in day, thankfully.  I got up early, and walked at Ladybird Lake, which I really still call Town Lake normally.  I’m against changing the names of things.  Then I worked in the garden for about 3 hours.  So I had breakfast at noon.  I had 2 Kocurek breakfast sausage patties and 2 Vital Farms eggs, scrambled with garden peppers and tomatoes, tarragon, garlic chives and thyme from my patio garden.  For dinner, I had thawed some ground bison burgers to cook on the grill, but it started raining, so I cooked them inside and had one with cheese, with a tomato and cucumber salad with yogurt dill dressing.   I have no plans for eating out this week, so hopefully I can plow through my over stuffed freezer and make a dent in what I’ve been hoarding from the farmer’s markets.


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