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Fall Garden Coming Along July 25, 2010

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After spending several hours yesterday, amending the soil, turning it, and shopping at the Natural Gardener, my Fall Garden is underway.

I planted Valley Girl Tomatoes, a variety called Big Red, which I’ve never heard of, and a couple called Solar Set.  I gave the still producing Celebrity a haircut, and a shot of Rabbit Hill Farms Buds and Blooms.  I also planted 4 Butternut Squash Plants, as well as some more Jalapenos and a Mucho Nacho Pepper.

Fall Garden taking shape

I attempted to pull up the Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes in the 4×8 bed, but found that the Lemon Cucumbers had claimed the entire plant as a trellis.  What a huge mess, but the lemon cucumbers are coming on strong, so I hate to disturb them.  I decided to let them make cukes for another couple of weeks, then pull out the whole mess and plant the potatoes there.

cucumber tomato mess

The Three Sisters Garden looks good, I think.  The corn looks great, but the beans and pumpkins don’t seem as happy.

Three Sisters Garden

And, the 1 watermelon is growing slowly.



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