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No Grocery Store, Days 199 and 200 July 21, 2010

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Day 199, I was still full from the Dai Due feast the night before, so I skipped breakfast.  For lunch, I made a BLT with Kocurek bacon, homemade bread with my newly acquired white flour, Malabar spinach and a tomato from the garden.  For dinner I had a couple slices of pizza, made with Johnson’s Backyard Garden tomatoes for the sauce, and Salt and Time pancetta.  If the pizza looks familiar, it is because it is the famous Austin Food Journal serious pizza.

Pretty local pizza

Day 200, I had some homemade yogurt, from Way Back When dairy milk for breakfast.  I took mom to lunch and let her choose.  She always wants Tex Mex food, and my willpower has been waning of late, so we went to Nuevo Leon and had chicken enchiladas.  For my penance dinner, I made an egg-white omlette with garden tomatoes and peppers.


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