Austin Urban Gardens

Raised Bed Gardening and Eating Well in Austin, Texas

No Grocery Store, Days 196 and 197 July 18, 2010

Relatives are still in town, so with company, I’m proud of the way we’ve been eating the last few days.  Day 196 was a celebratory, good news day, so I picked up my aunt and mom from the Beauty Shop  and we went shopping at Chicos.  For lunch, Cafe Josie, for mesquite grilled salmon salad, which I currently am addicted to.  For dinner, more folks came to town, cousins, and their kiddos, so we fired up the grill.  My uncle brought a cooler of his home raised grass fed steaks and I cooked those slowly on the grill.  We also had baked potatoes and salad, and the kiddos had Ben and Jerry’s that my mom got.

Day 197, I got up early and headed to the hike and bike trail for a 3 mile walk.  Time to kick my exercise plan up a notch and quit using the  damaged knee as an excuse.  I’ve got stuff to do!  Next, off to the Farmer’s Market with my mom and aunt.  It is getting crowded earlier and earlier these days, but I loaded up on everything I needed except lettuce.  My quest for lettuce still eludes me.  I need to get my salad on!  We dropped groceries off at home, then headed to Antonelli’s Cheese, more to visit than to shop, but I shopped.    Next, off to lunch at East Side Cafe and to wander through their amazing gardens.    I had chicken enchiladas with black beans.  I’d been missing black beans since I hadn’t successfully grown them.  Next off to the Viola and Jean trunk show, to check out some amazing jewelry.  I ended up staying for dinner, a sausage and carmelized onion hoagie.  It was really good.


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