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Life After Health, and Flowers but No Pickles July 17, 2010

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Today was a bit like the first day of the rest of my life.  But not.  About 10 days ago, I called my Dr. with some fairly alarming symptoms that had been increasing in intensity for almost a month.  I didn’t suspect anything really bad, but thought I needed a drug dosage adjustment.  The nurse called me back, and said “You’ll probably need a biopsy to rule out Cancer, or maybe a sonogram.”  Who the heck says that on the phone for one, or mentions ruling out Cancer, ever, unless you have a giant, ever changing black mole on your nose?    After having watched a friend on my floor in the office, struggle and lose her battle with cancer,  every day for 6 years, my mind focused on the “C” word.  Perhaps I’m melodramatic, but I think my reaction was reasonable.  I waited for my tests, got my affairs in order, started cleaning out closets and drinking with friends earlier in the day than normal.   And I made some decisions.   If this thing goes my way, everything will be different.  1)  I will waste no time; 2) I will spend more time with friends, 3) I will make my house the way I want it to be, within my expense limit; 4) I will cherish the special people in my life that make me and my life better every day; 5) I will be a better friend than the best friend I’ve ever had; 6) I’ll be open about my feelings and not hold grudges; 7) I will be a better communicator so that things that bother me don’t fester; 8)  If I want something that I can’t accomplish, I’ll find a way to get it done anyway; 9)  I will make the best of every day and have more fun than ever.

The phone call came yesterday, as casual as the Nurse said we needed to test for Cancer, she told me I was fine.  I resisted the urge to go off on her for the days of fear and misery.  I’m learning about bioidentical hormones from my Uncle Ron, Pharmacist, but he doubts my Dr. will agree to that change.  I’m now on another mission.

As for the “Flowers but no Pickles” in the title.  That was a search term that landed someone on my site.   I found it quite sweet, that there might be a soul waiting for pickles on a plant.   If you are out there and reading, please let me know how it is going.  I’ve got some good pickle recipes.

Life freaking rocks!


4 Responses to “Life After Health, and Flowers but No Pickles”

  1. chileylimon Says:

    Yay Carla, way to go! A similar thing happened to me a while back, and boy, it can be scary…but then again there’s that whole retooling of the life purpose thing, and that is what counts.
    I didn’t do the “flowers but no pickles” search, but I had the same problem. Happy to report there’s 2 pickles on the plant now, and after clearing out the spent tomato vines and feeding the garden later on tonight, I hope to see lots more. Cheers!

  2. Optimista Says:

    Argggh…totally meant to ask you about this and forgot. What was that about working to become a better friend? So sorry. And so very, very, very glad to hear that you’re OK. Sending you love, my friend.

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