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No Grocery Store, Days 194 and 195 July 16, 2010

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Day 194, was Bastille Day, and my friend Jamie’s of (Viola and Jean fame) birthday.  I skipped breakfast, because I suck at breakfast, and had a salad for lunch.  Dinner to celebrate the French Revolution was a celebratory affair at Chez Nous.    We had the duck two ways, the Filet of Beef, and Sole in Buerre Blanc Cremant sauce, and everyone kind of shared so we could each have a taste of everything.  It was fabulous.

Day 195, with relatives in town for the next four days, I didn’t know what we were going to eat.  For lunch, I sliced a garden cucumber and tomato, and added some salt, pepper, Wateroak garlic and herb feta and Texas olive oil.   A snack later, consisted of a couple of slices of homemade baguette, butter and Brazos Valley cheese.   Dinner was a pleasant surprise.  My uncle raises grass fed beef, and my aunt sauteed thin slices with onions, mushrooms, and beef broth until it was tender.  With a salad and some broccoli, it was a nice light dinner.


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