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No Grocery Store, Day 190 July 11, 2010

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Yesterday was the final day this year, that Dai Due was able to prepare hot food at the SFC Farmer’s Market at Republic Square.   I was not about to miss it.  So for breakfast, I had gumbo.  Odd choice, I know, but Jessie’s gumbo is amazing.  I also bought two quarts and stuck them in the freezer for cooler weather.   I’m very lucky to be attending Dai Due Supper Club’s Bastille Day Dinner on the 18th, so one more opportunity to have Jessie’s amazing, all local food.

Full from my hearty breakfast, I skipped lunch.  I had a piece of my friend’s amazing pizza for dinner and scrambled eggs for a late night snack.    Not a well planned food day.

Exciting news: I got an email from my friend Adam that he has procured for me some local flour!  Looking forward to getting my hands on that.  Thanks Adam!


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