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Three Sisters Garden, Second Sister July 10, 2010

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For once, I’m following directions to a T on the Three Sisters Garden.  My normal gardening style is ignore all the rules, and plant what you want, where you want with little regard for standard practices.  But not on this one.  Legends don’t become legends without some attention to detail.  So, the corn is  approximately 6 inches tall, maybe 8.

Three Sisters Corn

So, following the directions I planted Rattlesnake Beans and Purple Pole Beans in between the corn.

Rattlesnake and Purple Pole Beans

The third sister will be a mix of Butternut Squash and Sugar Pie Pumpkins as soon as the beans come up.  I got a jump on the Butternut Squash in the greenhouse, but true to form, I didn’t mark my seedlings, so I don’t know which are the squash and which are the lemon cucumbers that I don’t want in that garden.

Butternut Squash, Lemon Cucumbers, and Tomato Seedlings

In other parts of the garden, the lemon cucumbers have taken over the tomatoes and started using them as a trellis.  I was going to pull these tomatoes out today, but it will be difficult as the cucumbers have totally claimed them, part of the peppers, and a good portion of the yard.

4x8 bed engulfed with lemon cucumbers

That’s a rogue eggplant sticking up out of the cucumbers trying to escape.  Its like wild kingdom in that bed and I’m not inclined to mess with it today.  The large bed is still resting, and I’ll turn it in the morning.  I haven’t figured out my plan for it yet.  It has some peppers growing and that’s about it.  I need to make some tomato decisions here in the next couple of weeks.  I’m overrun at the moment, but would like to fill my freezer with more fresh tomato sauce and chili for the winter.

Lots of ripe Celebrities this week

Happy Gardening!


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