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No Grocery Store, Day 189 July 10, 2010

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Eat out Friday with the folks.  Since, I’m eating healthy, I had to break it to mom that our pursuit of her favorite Corpus Christi enchilada would not happen today.  (American cheese (blech) meaty gravy on top.)  So I picked her up from her beautification appointment, and we went over to Cafe Josie.  If you’ve been reading this for long, you know of my devoted love of Cafe Josie.  The menu has changed, the new sign is up after a 16 month long dispute with the landlord, and @cafejosie is now on Twitter.  Times are a changing.  Anyhoo, resisting the temptation to have a Cafe Josie burger, I ordered the mesquite grilled salmon salad.  Yum.  So perfect and devoid of carbs.  Dinner out with the family was at Mirabelle.  I had the tenderloin filet, no starch, extra vegetables.  Yes, I behaved.


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