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No Grocery Store, Days 187 and 188 July 8, 2010

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Yesterday, I missed breakfast again.  I might not ever manage to convert to a breakfast person, as long as I need to be out of the house by 7:40.    I found myself out on Hwy. 620 at lunchtime, and had an unfortunate salad and tortilla soup at The Oasis.  Big happenings out there that were actually disorienting to me when I turned down the road. They are building 21 retail spots, and two more restaurants and that whole few acres of land overlooking the lake is under intense development.  Hopefully the two new restaurants will focus more on the food quality, rather than relying on the view.  Sad that both can’t go hand in hand, but I can see how they don’t really need to.  Dinner was the last of the leftover grilled chicken, and an arugula and chevre salad.

Today, I had to be at the Ford dealership really early because stuff starting falling off my car, so I missed breakfast again.  I pondered walking over to Rudy’s to see if they had breakfast, other than tacos, but the rain started so I stayed put.  I had to be out on Hwy. 620 again, and had read about Artisan Bistro while waiting for my car at the Ford Dealership.  There was a really nice write up in the XLent part of the Statesman.  So after dealing with trailers at Magnum, we headed over to Artisan Bistro which is in Lakeway.  The owner and her French husband chef, were amazing, friendly, greeted us in the parking lot and welcomed us in.  We each ordered the Nicoise  Salad and split the French Onion Soup.    The salad was great, but the soup was stellar.  I wanted to get in the bowl and drench myself in it.  Seriously the best soup I’ve ever had.  This place is cute, quaint, and is serving seriously French Cuisine.  Go now.  Dinner was boring because I was gone all day and didn’t plan.  Scrambled Vital Farms eggs with Sand Creek cheese and garden tomatoes and peppers.  Still thinking about that soup though and the place is looking to shop as locally as possible, so I’m going to try to help them with that.


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