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No Grocery Store, Days 181 and 182 July 6, 2010

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Woops, forgot to hit publish on this one from several days ago.

As I write my account of days 181 and 182, I just realized today is the half way to a year mark.  Cool.

So, Day 181, I skipped breakfast, and stopped off at Fete Accompli to pick up some Basil Chicken Salad for lunch.  Quincy Adams Erickson, makes some amazing food, using local products, and also has a booth at the SFC Farmer’s Market at Republic Square.  Great local business, serving outstanding food, and I’m proud to support her.  So for lunch, Basil Chicken Salad over baby Arugula from Boggy Creek Farm.  Dinner was leftover chili and ribs from the previous two days.

Day 182, Friday is eat out day with my parents.  Friday lunches have turned into the quest to help my mom find the enchiladas she used to eat with her best friend in Corpus, before they moved here 3 years ago.  It isn’t the type of food I enjoy, cheese enchiladas with meat gravy on top.  We’ve gotten close, but its been a fun way to spend Friday lunch with my mother.  So, Azul Tequila yesterday and they came pretty close. I had carne asada.  Meh.  Family dinner was at Chez Zee.  I had the New York Strip.  I’d like to like that place better, because the piano player is a nice touch and it is comfortable and close to home.  I have problems with a 5 page menu, with two double sided “Specials” inserts.  It is a confused place, trying to be fine dining, yet with an entire menu page called “Pastabilities”.  My steak was OK, the potatoes had been pre-cooked and no attention was made to crisp them up when reheating, so they were a soggy mess.  The piano was nice though.


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