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Garden Overhaul, and Three Sisters Garden July 6, 2010

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I spent five hours working in the garden on Sunday morning. It was pleasant before the heat set in and I got lots done.  First, I was greeted, as I have been every day, by something that makes me happy:

My Sunny Friend

There is another one next to it that should be open in the next few days.  I would love to have lots more of these so I’m going to save the seeds.

I planted two packages of zinnias in the neglected front flower bed.  It needs lots more work, as I’ve not weeded at all this year.  I hate weeding.

The corn I planted last week in the 5’x5′ bed dedicated to my Three Sisters Garden experiment is up.

First of the Three Sisters - corn

I pulled up the purple basil that I found bitter and to stiff for pesto, and added 3 wheelbarrow loads of Hill Country Garden soil to the large back bed, worm castings, and some Lady Bug fertilizer.  I still haven’t formulated my plan fully for that bed.

The seeds in the greenhouse are up:

Butternut squash or lemon cucumber seedlings

I planted more butternut squash, lemon cucumber, and tomato seedlings.   I think the lemon cucumbers in the ground will just keep producing all Fall, however, so no need for these others.  I just don’t ever want to be without lemon cucumbers!

I pulled up the last of the spent corn in the Nandina bed, and it is being taken over by the highly productive Celebrity Tomato.

I took tip cuttings from the Celebrity, and two Chocolate Cherry Tomato plants, and they have already died.  That is my second failed attempt at rooting tip cuttings from tomato plants.  I’ve got tomatoes coming out my ears already.

Lastly, I turned my compost which is far from ready at this point.  I’m contemplating covering it with a black tarp to speed things up.


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