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Seedlings are up!Preparing the Fall Garden July 3, 2010

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This morning I went out to check the gardens, pick tomatoes and peppers and get chased by stink bugs.  Most of the remaining tomato plants are starting to look craggy.  While the Celebrity is still producing tomatoes, they are getting smaller.  Fortunately, the stink bugs haven’t found that plant yet, hidden behind the corn, and the tomatoes are blemish, and cloudy spot free and gorgeous, if small.  The Chocolate Cherries are still covered in unripe tomatoes, but have stopped producing the quantity they provided all Spring.  Several of my jalapeno pepper plants got crowded out by the tomatoes, so I planted a couple more in the cleared out beds.  The seeds I planted a few days ago in the greenhouse, are up!

Hearty looking seedlings

The Lemon Cucumbers and Butternut Squash are up, little sign of the Sungold tomatoes yet.  Equally exciting, the newly planted corn has made an appearance, albeit tiny.

Corn, its there, I swear

I’m excited about the volume of corn I planted, 40 seeds, rather than the random planting on the side beds.  This bed is dedicated to Three Sisters.  I can’t wait to see the beans growing up the corn stalks!

The Purple Hulls continue their march upwards and seem to be happy.

Purple Hull Peas

All in all, I’m happy about the status of things.  I’ve got to think about what I want to be eating in 3 months, and do something about it now, keeping in mind what I need to be planting in 3 months for winter.   Always something to think about in the garden.


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