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My First Garden Corn! July 1, 2010

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For those of you who follow my little adventures, you know how excited I was to rip out my horrible landscaping (Nandina) and plant corn.  I’ve been so hopeful all along that the corn would make it, but for the last couple of weeks, it seemed to stop its progressive growth.  Yesterday a couple of the stalks fell over.  Was it from the weight of the corn?  Was it a sign that the plants were done?  The corn cobs seemed smallish.  After a day of errands, my friend Christian stopped by to chat about the day’s events.  When time came for him to leave to pick up Jaime, I said come back for a glass of wine and we’ll have happy hour.  I really just wanted support for what was about to happen, the plucking of the corn.  I had no idea if there would be kernals or not, worms or not, or just not anything.

So, I plucked a corn cob.

My first corn!

While not the monumental, lengthy grocery corn of my youth, I found it to be perfect, and wormless.  So, with company coming back, I wanted to celebrate my corn, so I scraped it off the cob, picked a ripe jalapeno, and took a ripe Celebrity from the window, and sauteed them together.

Corn, Garden tomato, and garden pepper

MMM, garden corn

The end result, was amazing to me, topped with shaved Sand Creek Farm Monterrey Jack.  I over peppered it for one of my guests.  Sorry C!  I didn’t know.

Final corn tasting

I have planted 40 corn seeds in the 5 x 5 garden I’ve dedicated to Three Sisters Gardening.   The corn I planted is different, but from Buck Moore Feed, so I’m sure it is corn that grows well here.  I’m excited for more corn adventures.  I picked some more and another tomato to boot!

this evening's harvest


12 Responses to “My First Garden Corn!”

  1. Too cool! Congratulations on your first corn – it looks just sexy.

    • Thanks Rachel! I miss you guys, but have been following your culinary adventures. Things will be totally different when you get back. We might have to make reservations for awesome pizza.

  2. Optimista Says:

    YAY, corn! Congratulations!!

  3. keen101 Says:

    nice corn. That food looks good. Your making me hungry.

    Mostly corn doesent fall over unless it got too much water. But, keep your eyes peeled for raccoons or squirrels. They sneak in at night, and will tear corn stalks down. I find spreading plenty of cayenne pepper and garlic powder around seems to keep them away fairly well. …and if they do try to eat some i assume they get cayenne in their mouth.

    • Thanks for the tip.! We had about 5 inches of rain which could have made them fall over. I’ll try cayenne, because squirrels have been a problem this year.

      • keen101 Says:

        Oh man, I had some of my corn fall over today after an afternoon rainstorm. It looks like i didn’t plant some of them deep enough. (some started trying to grow roots in the air…..

  4. Did it have corn on it? I initially thought mine fell over because of the weight of the corn cobs. I’ll never know. The corn I planted a few weeks ago looks pretty solid and I planted it deeper than my first corn. Good luck, and keep me posted.

    • keen101 Says:

      Yep, just started to get corn on it too. …So, i took a shovel and carefully dug around it. Then i carefully laid the stalk down and took the dirt off. Then i dug the hole a foot deep or so(maybe more or less), and put the corn back in. and filled in the hole. I did that to about five. And two of them were the tallest two i had at about 11 feet tall. I watered a little after, and they seem to be doing just fine now. haha 🙂

      I’ve never heard of anyone saving corn by replanting them before. But, it works. (at least if they don’t fall completely flat) I might be the first person to try it. The cobbs are continuing to develop normally.

  5. Great save on the corn! I’ve never heard of anyone replanting corn, so you may indeed be the first corn saver. Nothing is better than fresh corn.

  6. Anita Says:

    I’m desperately looking for some corn stalks for fall decorating. Would you happen to have any excess to share? Thanks.

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