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No Grocery Store, Days 177 and 178 June 29, 2010

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So, an eat out day and an eat in day.

Day 177, brunch at FINO and I had the braised short rib with a fried egg.  I pondered having salad, but with a big dinner planned at Uchiko, what the heck.  I’d start being good on day 178.  For dinner, my friend Kristi had been invited to the soft opening at Uchiko and invited me.  What a treat!  The food was crazy good.  Tyson Cole obviously has talent beyond the realm of reason.  We ordered about 10 things and split them.  My favorites were the tempura eggplant, the grilled English peas which you eat like Edamame, the pork belly, (duh) and an amazing smoked salmon roll.  The whole dinner was an experience, and I had to unbutton my jeans in the car.

Day 178, for breakfast, a redeeming scramble of tomatoes, eggwhites and a pepper.  Lunch was a simple salad of lettuce and tomatoes.  Dinner, another eggwhite (1 yolk) scramble with Richardson Farms eggs, a garden tomato, several garden jalapenos, and a little Dai Due Chorizo all topped off with the Dona sauce I tried to duplicate.

I’m nearing the half way to a year mark.  It is hard to believe I’ve had sugar twice in 6 months, once just the other night at Uchiko, a dessert we didn’t order but our server wanted us to try, and ice cream at a friend’s house last week.  I’d sworn off soft drinks already, but its been almost 2 years since I’ve had a diet coke now.  I’ve eaten nothing at home out of a box or can for 6 months, and no white flour.


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