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No Grocery Store, Days 175 and 176, and Slow Food June 27, 2010

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Friday was family dinner day.  I had a Vital Farms egg for breakfast, and dinner at Eddie V’s, the snapper meuniere.

Saturday’s plans changed once we arrived at the Farmer’s Market, and discovered the brutal heat and humidity.  For breakfast, I had the Dai Due BLT.    I’m not sure what the current status of hot food at the farmer’s markets is, but if this is the last month, that’s really too bad.  I did discover a new find, corn tortillas from the folks that make the tamales.  I bought two dozen and stuck them in the freezer.  I also think I learned that I’m not very wheat tolerant.  I’ll be cutting wheat out of my diet for a while to see if changes occur.

So, no Luling Watermelon Thump.  There were too many things going on, including the US World Cup soccer match, so we didn’t make the drive.  We headed over to Vino Vino instead, for some Vino and soccer and French fries.  Next on the agenda was the Slow Food Artisan Showcase, where we knoshed on local goodies from the Kocurek’s, Dai Due, Bona Dea Bread, Pure Luck Cheese, and many more.  I just tried the Cheek to Cheek terrine from the Kocurek’s and tasso ham from Dai Due.

Slow Food Artisan Showcase

Kocurek Cheek to Cheek, and Pate de Maison

Dai Due tasso ham

Bona Dea Bread

Homestead Farms Pure Sorghum Syrup

512 Brewing

How I like to eat

The rest of the evening included a rather bizarre evening at the Four Seasons which will be set out in hilarious detail at Austin Food Journal dot com in the near future.  After that, we headed to Moonshine for a redeeming experience and perhaps the best wedge salad in town.


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