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Clean Slate for Fall Garden June 27, 2010

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I had planned to tidy up the large garden and plant some additional, and different vegetables for Fall this morning.  Once I got into the tomato jungle, I re-evaluated the entire plan.    The tomato plants in that garden had been the most pest ridden, and least productive, and had become a tangled mess, intertwined with each other and with the vines growing on the chain link fence behind them.  The most productive tomatoes were the Celebrities planted with the corn on the side, the Chocolate Cherry in the Earthbox, and the tomatoes planted in the smaller garden with the cucumbers.   When I first put that big garden in, I made the mistake of not leaving space on the back side, between the garden and fence.  Rookie’s error.  Anyhoo, the whole mess needed to come out, so I pulled it all out.  I left in some productive pepper plants, and some basil, which I will harvest soon for pesto.  I added 3 wheelbarrow loads of Hill Country Garden soil and raked it out.  For now, it will rest, and I’ll amend it with compost and turn it all.   I’m excited at the possibilities a clean slate brings and haven’t decided what to plant yet.  I’ll be heading out to the Natural Gardener this afternoon to figure that out.

Today's Harvest

East end of big garden, former strawberry patch

West end of big garden

Purple hull peas, planted last Sunday

I need to think of what I want to eat from the garden, more than what I think would be fun to grow.    And, I need to expand into new and different things.  Lots to think about.


4 Responses to “Clean Slate for Fall Garden”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Looks great, Carla. You have me considering what I need to pull out and what to do next.

  2. Thanks Marc. Once I got in there, it became about productivity versus the amount of water it would take to maintain, and that affected my decision to pull so much out.

    • Marc O. Says:

      Yeah, I think my big tomato is done. Seems only now to produce sickly, milky-green tomatoes – not a pale regular green – that the bugs instantly attack. And the cherry is like you describe… over-grown, tangled, pest-ridden. Considering yanking that, too.

  3. I need to leave the house. I’m feeling a major garden purge coming on, as if I haven’t purged enough. Might start over with some new tomato varieties for Fall.

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