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No Grocery Store, Day 173 June 24, 2010

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Breakfast – Vital Farms boiled egg.

I went to Boggy Creek Farm to pick up some Wateroak Farms Milk for my coffee, because I was out.  I also got some Feta (goat) and Larry’s Fire Roasted Tomatoes.  I can’t wait to use these and am looking forward to his smoke dried tomatoes which should be available soon.  The Farmer’s Market at the Triangle was hotttttt.  I picked up some eggs and pork ribs from Richardson Farms and guzzled a hibiscus mint tea.  I drink about a pitcher of that stuff a day, its so good.

Lunch – so much for my no carb thing.   I took my mom to lunch.  I had planned to make her lunch at my house, but she wanted Mexican food and didn’t remember my no carb thing.  She doesn’t drive anymore, so whatever she wants, she gets from me.   We went to El Meson, the new one on South Lamar.  I had hoped to find a non-greasy, yellow cheesy place, and I did.  I had fajitas.  She didn’t like her enchiladas, because they weren’t greasy and Tex-Mex.  Live and learn.  Life is a difficult balance.

For dinner, I met a friend at M 2, where Saba used to be on 4th Street.  Very interesting menu.  We split beet chips with olive dust, which were amazing.  Finally, I had beets that I like.  There is a fine line between “earthy” and “taste like dirt”.   We split the pork fries, which were pig ears, and I didn’t like the texture so I didn’t eat those.  We also split the pulled lamb sandwich, which was smallish but very tasty and included a pickled okra.  Nice touch.  Tomorrow, I’m eating at home all day.  Swear.  There will be lots of eating out this weekend, with the Luling Watermelon Thump, Slow Food Artisan Showcase, and a trip to Uchiko on the books.  Maybe I need a No Eating Out Challenge.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 173”

  1. Sarah F Says:

    I love what you’re doing! Brilliant idea! I’m working in the same direction myself, slowly but surely. By the way, the Beet Home Fries at East Side King are incredible. They don’t taste like dirt, either.

    • Thanks Sarah. It is really very easy, especially with all of the outstanding food at the Farmer’s Markets these days. The beet fries at East Side King are great, I love everything those guys do. They even make brussels sprouts I like, and I hate brussels sprouts normally. Good luck!

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