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Good Garden news, Bad Garden News June 23, 2010

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Bad news first.  The peppers and tomatoes in the side gardens had recovered from having their tops gnawed off by an unseen pest, probably a tomato hornworm.  Whatever it was, has returned, and has devastated all of the plants in the tomato, pepper bed.  I’m swimming in tomatoes and peppers, so I’m just going to give up the bed, let them eat the plants, and use that bed for pumpkins.  I’ve given up one of the plants in the backyard to the leaf footed bugs, hoping they will stay off the rest of those gardens.

gnawed off plant

sad little pepper plant, what's left of it

In better garden news, the purple hull peas I planted on Sunday are up!  Beans  and peas are so rewarding, because everything happens so fast!

Purple Hull Peas, like black eyed peas

Purple hull peas

I can see where I missed spots, and will plant in those spaces to fill in that part of the garden.


2 Responses to “Good Garden news, Bad Garden News”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    That is fast for the beans. Amazing.

  2. Just looked out the window and this morning they are about 3 inches tall!

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