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No Grocery Store, Day 170 June 21, 2010

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Not too much excitement to report on the food realm.  Yesterday for Father’s Day my dad requested to go to Flemings at the Domain.  So Flemings, it was. I had the filet Benedict and it was fine.  After that, I headed to some friends house to meet my new “puppy nephew” which is what I’m calling Leo the Catahoula puppy rescue that arrived on Saturday.  Puppies are so entertaining, we spent the afternoon marveling at his cuteness, while he played, then slept, then played, then slept.  For dinner, homemade pasta with my garden pesto, which they had in their freezer.  Lazy Sunday.   Time to back off the carbs.

I’ve got lots of peppers in the garden these days, jalapenos, serranos, and poblanos.   I guess I need to start pickling again or come up with something else to do with them.  Ideas appreciated!


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