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No Grocery Store, Day 169 and Garden Party! June 20, 2010

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Yesterday was way too hectic for a Saturday.  I was up at dawn to prepare for a raised garden installation later in the day.  Then off to the downtown farmer’s market to pick up some tomatoes to supplement the dinner I would be preparing later.  For breakfast, Jessie (Dai Due’s) amazing BLT.  It is a travesty that the County or City or whomever, can’t figure out the benefit of having hot, prepared farm fresh food at the farmer’s market is a benefit to everyone.  Dai Due will no longer be able to do this after July, unless the powers that be change the permitting requirements.  Sad.

Next, home to hook up the trailer, and off to Natural Gardener to pick up soil.  Next up, Breed and Company where Edible Austin was hosting “Thrill of the Grill” and Zack the chef from Mulberry was grilling local grass fed beef and sausage from Green Grass Farms.  I hung out with my Edible Austin buddies,  I had a slider and bought weed barrier.  Multi-tasking at its best.  Then I went home to start chopping tomatoes and basil for the garden party I was invited to that evening.   First, I harvested what I had from my own garden to use.  I found a bunch of ripe chocolate cherry tomatoes, I had not seen earlier, a couple of green zebras, a celebrity and some basil.

Tomatoes and basil from the garden

Next up, off to Steiner Ranch to install a garden.  It was too hot to do so, and I won’t do that at 2:30 in the afternoon again, until it cools off.  Miserable.

I raced home, finished my dish (panzanella) and headed off to have dinner with 4 other gardeners.  When gardeners cook from their gardens, all the food tends to go well together, since everything is in season.  The result was one of the most delightful, and fresh dinners I’ve had in a while, enjoyed outside in an amazing garden.  Because this dinner was photographed for a story to be written by the hostess, I won’t put my pictures up here.  But here are some pictures of the gardens.

Charming setting


Heirloom Lima Bean Plants

Such Pretty Beans!

Another fountain

Such a lovely evening with lovely people and amazing garden food in a gorgeous setting.   Now I’m inspired to work on my backyard and gardens, which are not charming at all,  just useful.  And, I want fountains.  The sound of water trickling all around is so peaceful.


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