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Mid June in My Garden, and Corn Update June 20, 2010

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I’m watering every other day, picking Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes and peppers every day, and obsessing about the corn every day.  Welcome to my garden, where something works and something fails every season.  This season’s failure 1) the black beans.  They grew fine, but never produced beans, so I pulled them up and planted purple hull peas today.  Failure 2) my inability to keep the squirrels away from my big tomatoes.  Outsmarted so far, at every turn.  This season’s champion by far is the Chocolate Cherry Tomato.  If you want lots of really great tomatoes, that neither the squirrels nor the bugs seem interested in, plant these.


More corn porn

Celebrity tomatoes

Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes in the Earthbox

Chocolate Cherry tomatoes in the garden

Lemon Cucumber

Squirrel Food

Poblano Pepper

Jalapeno Peppers

Watermelon planted late

Malabar Spinach


What’s up next in the garden?  I still need to pull up the last of the strawberries, add some soil to the compacted bed and turn it to make way for the pumpkins to be planted in a couple of weeks.  I’m undecided as to whether to leave in all the Spring planted tomatoes, or pull the less productive ones up and replace them with new Fall plants.  The time to start planting tomatoes again is July.  I think the Chocolate Cherry tomatoes will keep producing through the Fall, they have been so productive all Spring.    Happy gardening!


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