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Mutant Horned Garden Tomato June 16, 2010

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This has been the strangest season I’ve ever had for vegetable gardening.  Unprecedented pests, brilliant, barrier busting squirrels, leaf-footed bugs, stink bugs, birds, and tomato hornworms.  I feel very lucky to have gotten a great deal of chocolate and black cherry tomatoes since none of these pests seems to care for them, and I have a new crop of Celebrities ripening now.   I was just picking cherry tomatoes, and I saw a flash of orange, so I reached into the tangled vine and pulled this out.

Tomato with horns

I guess I’ll have to return to the saying “When pigs fly” because “When tomatoes grow horns” has actually happened.


4 Responses to “Mutant Horned Garden Tomato”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Devil-tomato. Could explain all the plague and pestilence in your yard.

    But, I noticed one of these on my celebrity, too. I’m not ruling out the horned tomato isn’t the satanic source of all the mosquitoes and leaf-foots in MY yard.

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