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No Grocery Store Day 162 – All Local Paella June 13, 2010

Yesterday was day 162 of my No Grocery Store Challenge.  It is hard to believe it has been that long, but as time goes by, I really see no reason to shop at the grocer store at all.  The only things I could use are white flour (and my friend Adam is looking into finding some local white flour) and avocados.  I have managed to go the first half of the year without El Milagro tortilla chips, but I could buy them directly from El Milagro if I wanted to.  They have tortillas and masa, too, which would open an entirely new genre to my daily fare.  Anyhoo, yesterday was a really busy and fun day.  First the downtown market, then the new Cedar Park Farmer’s Market, doing shopping for a Paella party using all local ingredients.  My friend Kristi, makes paella and did a post on her blog Austin Farm to Table, about it.  We invited some friends over to make it last night, but started our day shopping at the SFC Farmer’s Market at Republic Square.   First, we had breakfast – an amazing BLT with the best local tomato I’ve ever had.  Dai Due made the grilled BLT and it was amazing.  Unfortunately, the County keeps jacking with Dai Due’s permit to make hot food at the market, and pulled it again.  This is ridiculousness and I wish the County would figure this issue out.

We gathered our produce for the paella:

Garlic, tomatoes, onions, peppers for Paella

I came home, cleaned up the garden and the house, found out what is eating my garden on the side of the house (another post) and got ready for cooking with friends.  We invited folks to bring a snack or side using local ingredients.  And the results were amazing.

squash salad

I didn’t get pictures of nearly all the amazing food that arrived, unfortunately.  When you invite folks that love to cook over for dinner, amazing things happen.

We grilled the chicken on the Big Green Egg for one of the 3 paellas.

Grilling the chicken

Using Lowell Farms Jasmine Rice, from South Texas, we started 2 Paella’s inside and one outside.

Cooking the Paella

Outside over Open Flame

I will be purchasing this borrowed set up today, because cooking outside over fire is the best thing ever.  I wish I was making my breakfast outside now.  This is a stand for a turkey fryer, hooked up to propane.

The best paella of the night, in my opinion, was the mixed, with chicken, chorizo, and shrimp, which we cooked outside.  Yesterday was a good day, with wonderful local food, friends and fun.


7 Responses to “No Grocery Store Day 162 – All Local Paella”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That is a great idea for a party! I don’t really like to cook (especially something as ambitious as paella), but with friends it would be so fun.

    Thanks for the idea 😉

  2. Marc O. Says:

    Neither my wife nor I cook a whole lot, but we’re really jumping in and trying to do more. A lot of it involves friends who’ll cook with us. There’s something very satisfying in an almost tribal village way about a community of friends that cook together.

  3. Yep, you are absolutely right Marc. I’ve spent years cooking for friends, and I highly prefer cooking with friends. No judgment, lots of laughter, and always great food. Everyone participates to the extent they are comfortable and everyone leaves happy.

  4. I think achieving something as a team is ultimately more gratifying than a personal victory.

  5. Jodi Says:

    It was such a delicious meal. Thank you for including us Carla and Kristi!

  6. Jodi, you and Adam are on the short list. What should we do next month? Something for Bastille Day? We could do a monthly theme dinner and I think it would rock!

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