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Garden Under Seige – Now What? June 11, 2010

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This has been a frustrating gardening season for me.  I have pests I’ve never had before, the squirrels keep outsmarting me and my efforts to protect the tomatoes, and now the tomatoes and peppers have been whacked off AND there are footprints in those beds.

Tomato plant carnage

More carnage


I’m not saying the carnage was caused by a human beast, but it is odd that there are what appear to be footprints in my side beds, that are unprotected from passers by.  These two beds are so small, there would never be a reason to get in them.

The damage looks like it was probably caused by tomato hornworms, although none were visible.  I’ll check after dark and see if that’s the problem, then relocate them, since they turn into really cool moths.  I don’t look forward to dealing with their squishy selves.


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